King James Bible Website Celebrates 3 Million Visits and 400th Anniversary of the King James Version

King James Bible OnlineLONGVIEW, Wash. – King James Bible Online (, a website inviting its visitors to read the Bible online, celebrates 3 million visits since being founded in November 2007. This milestone coincides with the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version, first published in 1611 in England under the direction of King James I.

The 3-year-old website is prepared for a further uptick in web traffic during the month of May as organizations around the world are hosting 400-year anniversary conferences and lectures about the King James Bible. One such event is the King James Bible Expo 2011 held in Washington D.C., May 2-3.

“With these 400-year anniversary events and special news coverage, more people are searching the Web for the King James Bible than ever before,” said Trent Mueller, the website’s creator. “It just happens that this website ranks well in search engines for the phrase ‘King James Bible’ and may be the only site with all 80 books of the original 1611 King James Bible as searchable text.”

King James Bible Online Traffic
King James Bible Online Traffic

According to Google Analytics, a service which measures web traffic statistics, the website’s 3 million total visits consisted of 1.5 million unique visitors accessing the site approximately two times each and viewing an average of 5.7 pages per visit, or 17 million total pages. Search engine traffic accounted for 78 percent of the website’s visits. “We’ve never done any paid advertising,” said Mueller.

The King James Bible Online website has a dedicated section with 400-year-anniversary resources, including history, videos, timelines, articles, facts, and quotes. The website’s most popular feature is Bible trivia, which is integrated into the Bible reading. “Users may read a chapter of the Bible and take a quiz about what they read. It’s both fun and educational,” said Mueller.

The King James Bible was the first English Bible to be printed in the United States, and more than 1 billion copies have been published worldwide to date. In the bill Recognizing the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible, introduced April 12th in the U.S. House of Representatives, the King James Bible is noted as the most widely printed and distributed work in history.

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