King James Bible Online Surpasses 1 Million Visits Per Month

King James Bible Online Stats
King James Bible Online Surpasses 1 Million Visits

King James Bible Online (, a website inviting its visitors to read the Bible online, celebrates surpassing 1 million visits in the month of October 2012.

Google Analytics statistics reports 11 million total visits and 6.3 million unique people have visited the website since its start nearly five years ago on November 11, 2007.

Its users have found a variety of the features useful, including the Bible trivia, upgraded search function, and statistics, such as the most popular Bible words. A CNN blogger recently cited the King James Bible Online as an “amazing website” in his article while suggesting that the quantity of a given word in the Bible correlates to its level of importance. “While we’re pleased the word popularity data is useful, the King James Bible Online does not fully support the logic that the more a particular English word is used in the Bible, the more important it is,” said Trent Mueller, manager of the website.

The website’s typical users hold high regard for the translation. Ms. Ufon Udofia, Social Development Worker/Senior Program Officer, Festac Town, Lagos State, Nigeria, said, “The King James Bible hard copy and the online version has been a great help to me. Prior to my discovering the online version I used to carry the Hard Copy around in my bag. The online version is constantly open on my laptop and it’s easy to access the Word for any situation in my life or lives of friends or colleagues.”

Phillip Pringle, a gospel preacher from Newton, North Carolina, USA, said, “I just want to say how much I enjoy this web site. It has been very helpful in my studies many times. Thanks be to GOD! I am very thankful that our Heavenly Father has given us truth, hope, wisdom and especially salvation through His SON JESUS. I find all of this through His preserved WORD, the King James English Bible. GOD still speaks to any who would seek His wisdom through the Bible. It doesn’t need to be debated or rewritten, it needs only to be read & received.”

More user feedback on the website can be viewed on its ‘encouraging words’ page:

King James Bible Website Celebrates 3 Million Visits and 400th Anniversary of the King James Version

King James Bible OnlineLONGVIEW, Wash. – King James Bible Online (, a website inviting its visitors to read the Bible online, celebrates 3 million visits since being founded in November 2007. This milestone coincides with the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version, first published in 1611 in England under the direction of King James I.

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