10,000 Searches for Jesus!

The King James Bible Online (kingjamesbibleonline.org) analyzes monthly searches within its website and discovered that 10,901 unique users searched for the word “Jesus” in June 2014!  This word was searched 8 times more than the second most popular searched term, which was “love” at 1,363 searches.

These are the top 20 searches for June 2014 on kingjamesbibleonline.org:

10901 Jesus
1363 love
1003 faith
672 marriage
534 healing
505 forgiveness
478 Peace
417 strength
397 Father
389 children
374 Prayer
343 death
343 Fear
341 hope
328 salvation
293 Grace
279 ten commandments
270 divorce
269 Joy


The search data recorded was one unique IP address per search word, making it more accurate and reduces the likeliness of double counting the same person repeating the search within the same monthly period.